Registration is processed through the Registrar’s Office. Students are to register in person during the scheduled registration days. Registration forms and the schedule of class are available at the Registrar’s Office. Late Registration will be allowed through the first week of class and requires a late registration fee.


Whenever possible, the Registrar’s Office will register new students before you arrive on campus. You will receive a copy of your registration form during New Student Orientation, and you can make changes at that time.


All current students are expected to register for the next quarter on the dates designated by the Registrar; otherwise the Business Office adds a late registration fee to the student’s account.


Registration is not complete until all necessary forms (including the textbook order form) are filled out, submitted, and signed by the appropriate persons. A student who has not completed registration may not be allowed to take final exams, unless the student has notified the Registrar of his or her intent to withdraw at the end of the quarter.