Philosophy of Education

Sierra States University is an institution of Christian Higher Education. Sierra States University acknowledges all truth is God and finds it unity in God. The Bible is at the center of educational activities and teaching and learning at Sierra States University.


Sierra States University put God first. Sierra States University endeavors to provide programs of Christian Higher Education that are deeply grounded in the knowledge God and the Truth of the Bible.


We endeavor to provide students with a well-rounded education that equips students with critical thinking skills, problem-solving knowledge, excellent communication skills, and professional knowledge and skills that are essential for a career in their chosen field. We also help and assist students to develop a sense of Christian service.


We intend to build a strong community, encourage innovation, promote leadership, develop accountability, and continue to support the pursuit of excellence in students’ chosen fields. We offer professional development opportunities for faculty, staff and students.


Sierra States University puts an emphasis on faith and biblical perspective. We strive to instill in students the desire to pursue truth as a life-long learning.


Teaching at Sierra States University is a form of ministry where there is meaningful instruction, engaging interaction, caring and love, cultural sensitivity, and service between faculty and students, staff and students, and among students themselves.


Sierra States University ensures the quality of the program with integrity, excellence, and with depth and rigor.  We intend to treat one another with honesty and fairness in all academic affairs, policies, financial dealings and publications.


The undergraduate curriculum of Sierra States University is composed of general studies, bible and theology, and a required academic major. The graduate curriculum requires a higher level of rigor in their major such as independent research and advanced study.


Completion of an academic major provides students with depth of knowledge and equips graduates to integrate faith and knowledge within their field, laying the foundations for graduate work, a career, and professional development.


Sierra States University is made up of faculty and scholars that effectively model scholarship and mentor students in their educational growth. Teaching methods are selected based on their capacity and effectiveness in promoting and maximizing student learning outcomes.