Application Process


Any new student or transferring student must begin the application process as early as possible. Once you identify the program you want to apply, you must prepare all the required documents. It takes several weeks for transcripts, letter of recommendation and other documents to be prepared. The application process consists of the following steps.


Step 1: Student must submit a completed application form along with non-refundable application fee, I-20 processing fee and required documents. Such includes but is not limited to application form, a letter of recommendation, official transcript, non-refundable application fee, I-20 processing fee, etc.


Step 2: Student must receive a letter of admission along with package for class schedule, housing information and I-20 information. Students must apply for U.S. VISA. And contact the University for airport pickup, housing, and other information for student services.


Step 3: Student must arrive at the airport, receive pickup service, stay in suitable housing or temporary place and enroll and register for classes.