F-1 Student Transfer Policy

Program Withdrawal:
In the event that a student needs to withdraw from the program because h/she wishes to be transferred to
another institution or have to return to his/her home country, the student must follow the withdrawal process for
his/her specific request. The following section includes the process to withdraw from the program to transfer
out or return home.
Transferring Out:
Transfer Policy for F-1 Students
F-1 students may request to have their SEVIS Form I-20 transferred out; however, it should be noted that the time at
which the students request the transfer may affect their status and tuition.
F-1 students must complete at least one session in order to be transferred out in active status. Otherwise, the student will
be terminated before being transferred to the new school. Additionally, students must be in good academic standing
before requesting to transfer out. Therefore, students who are on academic probation or have fallen below the required
GPA prior to transferring schools will be transferred in terminated status for "Failing to Maintain Status".
Students who are transferred in terminated status must file an application for reinstatement of status with the new
school. It is your responsibility to confirm with the Transfer-In School that they will accept students in terminated status.
F-1 students must maintain status by attending classes until the transfer release date. F-1 students cannot decide to transfer
in the middle of a term and immediately stop attending classes. By doing such action will be a violation of status and will
result in the SEVIS record being terminated. Therefore, any students who stop attending classes prior to the transfer
release date will be terminated for "Unauthorized Drop Below Full Course of Study".
Advising Sessions
As part of the transfer-out process, the F-1 student will be asked to meet with an advisor from Student Services and/or
International Affair Department to discuss the transfer out request. The advisor will discuss about any concerns leading to
the transfer out decision, will recommend any potential options available to support the F-1 student, and will ask for
feedback on the student’s experience at Sierra States University. After the advising session, it will then be determined if it
is necessary for the student to meet with a secondary advisor or with the International Affairs Department to process the
Transfer Requirements
 Must have completed one full quarter at the institution
 Meet with an advisor from Student Services
 Provide acceptance letter from the Transfer-In School
 Provide transfer form from the Transfer-In School to our institution
 Complete the university’s F-1 Transfer and Program Withdrawal Form
 Contact the Admissions/Administration Office to ensure your financial account is cleared
 Complete the Exit Interview survey form

This policy may be changed at any time.*****